Holiday Shopping  Tips:  How to Snag Deals Year-Round

If you’re like most consumers, getting the most bang for your buck is at the top of your list when holiday shopping. If you're always on the lookout for great deals and discounts, these Holiday Shopping Tips are just what you need to help you snag a deal any time of the year.


The Best Post-Holiday Deals & Where to Find Them

Believe it or not, the best time for holiday shopping is the day after Christmas. Savvy shoppers know that most stores offer huge discounts the day after a holiday. This includes seasonal merchandise as well as popular toys, electronics, and more. If you're a planner, this is an excellent way to save on gifts for next year. Be sure to follow your favorite stores on social media to be alerted of their sales and discounts. 

Online vs. In-Store Holiday Shopping

There are advantages to buying gifts online and in-store for great deals when holiday shopping. Sometimes, retailers offer items at a good price to those who shop in the store while supplies last. Others offer incentives like free shipping and deep discounts to their online customers. The key is to determine how your favorite store offers the best deals so that you can take advantage of their sales.


Signing Up for Retail Newsletters

Signing up for retail newsletters is a great way to save money when holiday shopping. Newsletters provide a heads-up on upcoming sales and great deals. Having discount notices delivered directly to your inbox can give you plenty of time to prepare so you can save big.


Using Deal Aggregator Websites/Apps

Saving money on holiday shopping is a breeze when you use deal aggregator websites and apps that are great tools for those looking to snag a deal. Instead of registering for individual websites to learn about sales and special promotions,  simply choose a deal aggregator to get notified of all the deals from your favorite stores and brands. 

These companies partner with national brands, collect all the best deals and coupons available and display them on their site or in their app. Sign up, and they'll send them to you directly.


The Wisdom of Out-of-Season Shopping

One of the best tips for snagging the best deals for holiday shopping is to shop out of season. When everyone wants the latest electronic device, needs new winter clothes, or is excited about the latest popular toy, the price stays elevated. After the season, though, when the demand drops and plenty of stock is left, retailers need to eliminate excess inventory, which can result in drastically reduced prices.

Here are a few tips about what to buy and when for the best savings: 

  • Winter ClothingThe best time to buy winter clothing is at the end of the season when retailers need to eliminate winter inventory to make room for new summer clothes.
  • Home Goods and Décor – If you're looking for home goods and décor, February is a great time to take advantage of specials. President’s Day sales often spotlight discounts on home goods like decorations, rugs, mattresses, furniture, and linens.
  • ElectronicsSpring sales in April offer the best deals on electronics, from TVs and laptops to smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Look for the best deals on your favorite electronics during this month. 
  • ToysAfter the Christmas rush for toys is the best time to get good deals in this department. Savvy shoppers and frugal parents can take advantage of amazing deals on the most popular holiday toys and save them for holiday gifting next year. 


Timeless Gifts that Keep on Giving

When holiday shopping, you may be surprised to learn about some unique gifts that you find that are not specifically tied to the holiday season. Great deals can be found on these gifts throughout the year, and many do not have expiration dates, so they are perfect for gift-giving any time of year.

Consider these gifts that keep on giving:

  • Experiences Over Material Goods – Gifts like concerts, hotel stays, and dinners let the recipient use them at their convenience and offer memories that last a lifetime.
  • Clothing and Accessories as Practical Gifts – Consider practical gifts like clothing, handbags, scarves, and hats that are useful and appreciated.
  • Financial Gifts - Gifting things like savings bonds and savings accounts are great gifts for those who are just starting out or saving for a big purchase like their first home. Nothing shows you care more than an investment in someone’s future.

Leveraging Holiday Savings All Year Long

When it comes time for holiday shopping, being savvy with your savings is another way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Setting a spending cap and saving money during the year allows you to get your holiday gifts at the best prices at post-holiday sales and ensures you have funds available when you need them. The combination of saving up for holiday shopping and budgeting is a great way to maximize savings for holiday shopping

Create a Holiday Budget for Gift Buying

One of the great things about budgeting is its versatility. A budget can be used for any financial goal, even holiday gift buying. Start by making a list of everyone (including your furry friends) you wish to buy a gift for. Next to their name, list a few gift ideas for them and the cost. Then, add up the costs for all the gifts you plan to buy and determine if the total is a reasonable and affordable amount to spend. If you find the amount too high, revisit the list and consider setting a cap on the dollar amount for each person. This tip will help you create an affordable budget for gift buying

In the world of finance, smart spending is a year-round endeavor. Use these holiday shopping and saving tips to make the most of your hard-earned money during the festive season and throughout the year. Remember, financial wisdom is the gift that keeps giving, allowing you to enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank. Stay savvy and shop smart!

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